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What Is A Clad

What is a Clad and How Can it Benefit Me?


What is a clad? How can it help me? Can I delay replacing my expensive equipment and instead fix it with the cladding process? OR Laser is here to answer these questions for you.

With service centers in six different countries and more than 30 partners worldwide, OR Laser is your global partner for laser cladding. Whether you are looking for repairs, or to purchase your own cladding equipment, OR Laser can help. The high quality of the laser cladding services at OR Laser mean customizable repairs, problems solved, and a reduction in processing delays.

This is all achieved with

  • Distortion-free treatment of heat-sensitive surfaces and coatings
  • Lack of discoloration on polished surfaces
  • No change to adjacent grains

Discover more about "what is a clad" by contacting the friendly staff at OR Laser.