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What Is Additive Manufacturing

Discovering "What is Additive Manufacturing"


The question of what is additive manufacturing has been circulating for some time now. And the answer, as everyone is learning, is that additive manufacturing is a process of building up a component with a protective coating, or as a means to repair or extend its life. And as a leader in innovative laser technology, OR Laser is at the forefront of this exciting process.

OR Laser's unique combination of hardware and software transform their DIODELINE products into lean, mean additive manufacturing machines.

This combination consists of

  • Powder feeder - controlling supply and metering
  • Powder nozzle - allows powder-fed cladding, resulting in 10X the usual cladding
  • ORLAS SUITE - CAD/CAM environment for planning all facets of laser processing and supporting 3D CAD file formats

Additive manufacturing adds value to products, addresses wear issues, and is often more cost-efficient than buying replacement parts. Stop asking "What is additive manufacturing?" and start reaping the rewards of it.

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