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What Is Cladding

Asking "What Is Cladding" Leads to OR Laser


If you are looking to repair or modify older equipment you may be asking yourself, "What is cladding and how can it help me?". The answer is that cladding is the covering or coating on a structure or material. These coverings are applied as a way to fix an existing part. However, in traditional means of applying this coatings aren't suitable for heat-sensitive surfaces. Fortunately, laser cladding machines from OR Laser aren't subject to traditional limitations.

The high quality laser cladding services offered by OR Laser provide an advantage over conventional cladding processes. Repairs can be customized and problems solved with laser cladding units. And heat-sensitive surfaces and coatings are treated in a distortion-free manner.

Examples of these include

  • Polished surfaces lack typical discoloration
  • Adjacent grains remain unchanged
  • Post-processing is minimized

Discover how you can keep your manufacturing processes running with minimal interruption.

Contact our friendly staff to learn more about "what is cladding" and how laser cladding machines from OR Laser can benefit you.